(Courtesy the Anguillian Newspaper)


There is more space for parking and a more pleasing and open environment at the Blowing Point Port area. This is due mainly to the demolition of a longstanding concrete building on the northern side of the Passenger Terminal.
Chief Executive Officer of the Anguilla Air and Seaports Authority, Mr Vanroy Hodge, said the building, owned by that Statutory Body, was not just in a state of disrepair, but an eyesore at the entrance to the port. A small roadside structure in front of that building, which was used as a booking office for one of the ferryboats, was also removed.

Mr Hodge indicated that the removal of the structures would, for the time being, allow more space for parking, given the current demand for additional parking areas. He also indicated that the cleared area would fit in with the plans for port development at Blowing Point, which is currently under consideration.
The buildings were removed on Saturday night, February 7. The CEO of the Port Authority has extended thanks to Mr Greig Hughes, who carried out the demolition work free of charge, and as a personal contribution to the operations of the seaport.

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