Governor’s Office Funds Training for Airport Security Officers

DFT-Lev-3-Sec-Training-Nickeo-and-Hodge-300x278(Courtesy the Anguillian Newspaper)

The Governor’s Office, along with the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority (“AASPA”) provided funding for Mr. Victor Nickeo and Ms. Laurencia Hodge, Security Officers, to undergo training in the Department for Transportation (“DFT”) Level Three Aviation Security Manager Course in Turks and Caicos Islands from 22 September to 26 September 2014. The five day course was a UK DFT recognized training course ran by Atlantic Group Associates (AGA), a Florida-based security training and consultancy firm.

The training course is required by any person who has a managerial responsibility for aviation security, either with an airport, airline or aviation service provider. It mirrors the training required in the UK, and brings together aviation security personnel from across the UK Overseas Territories.

The course was facilitated by Mr. John Pears and Mr. Omar Bolivar, both of whom bring several years of experience. Security Officers were awarded the opportunity to both acquire new skills and enhance their current skills in managing, detecting and negating threats of the rapidly expanding aviation industry.

The AASPA recognizes the importance of continuous staff training, especially for those individuals engaged in exercising security controls and prides itself on being able to meet the ever changing international security measures. The AASPA would like to extend gratitude to the Governor’s Office for bringing this training to fruition and congratulates Mr. Nickeo and Ms. Hodge on their successful endeavour.

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